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He Is Love And I Am Not | May 18, 2010

Recently I read something I wrote about eight years ago after reading First John for the thousandth or so time.  John had a direct and stunning approach to making our relationship with Christ so clear.  After reading his words I began to ponder the greatness of God’s love for us, for me in particular.  I clearly did not deserve anything God has given me.  As a father, I could not imagine doing as He had in sacrificing or allowing His Son to voluntarily sacrifice Himself.  It seemed beyond comprehension.  I began to write a poem that would talk about how small my love is compared to God’s , but it came out differently than I had intended.  I hope you enjoy it.

He Is Love And The World Knows Us Not


For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son

To suffer humiliation, torture, pain and shame even to the draining of His blood

That you and I might find redemption hope and life eternal

When we lacked any right to claim it or be justified by it.


What kind of God would give so much to those who turned their backs on Him?

Why would He open His heart and pour out mercy on the undeserving?

I am a father and I love my children.

Gladly I would sacrifice myself for them.

But allow my child to die so that someone who disdains me would live instead?

This I know and truly say in sight of God and Man I would not do.


I am ashamed that I would stand before my God in knowledge of His grace

And say that despite all He gave, I can’t imagine I would give the smallest piece

And even then I would likely test the one who sought my aid to be certain

That my sacrifice would be sufficient to bring this one to God and turn him around.


Then I read First John and realize all I’ve said is untrue.

For God has come into me and His Spirit fills my soul.

I could no more deny that love He fills me with than go back to ways of old.

Christ is Love and God is Love and in me His Spirit dwells.

So I am bound in joyous love to beat down the gates of hell.

Would that I could give Him just the smallest taste

Of the mercy, hope and joy He gave me in His place.


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