Bible Mike Wonders

Walking Worship | January 7, 2010


Would that I were more humble than I have come to be.

 Would that I might reflect the grace you’ve given unto me.

 There could be no greater goal than to please You more and more,

 To give all that I am to You and all Your ways adore.


Your will, my Lord, I bow before and humbly seek Your Face.

The Lamb that bore no spot shed His blood to bring Your grace.

No greater love can one man give nor has there ever been

 Since the Son of Man came down to become my sin.


 I strive to kiss each stone He walked, each print made by His feet,

 To walk the path He laid before me, which trace is so, so sweet.

 In worship and adoration, in prayer that never grows still,

 My heart sings to my Savior and my hand turns to Your will.


 Strengthen me dear Father and mold me ’til you’re done

 Make me ever more a mirror, reflecting Your dear Son.

 Make me a light in this world’s darkness, for lost souls to see

 And when they cannot find a Bible, let them see Your word in me


Michael McLarney February 23, 2004


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